«Sanus per aqua» - «health through water» - as translated from the Latin abbreviation "SPA". Despite the fact that the term " spa " is now at the hearing and the procedures associated with the use of water offers many , places where there is a source of clean usable water is becoming less.

The resort "Yangan -Tau" is used for the treatment of natural mineral water source "Kurgazak" (source is located in 3 km from the resort).

In the SPA- center, the following procedures are not included in the price:

  • turkish Bath - Hammam;

  • sauna;

  • apparatus massage "Akvarelaks ";

  • Jacuzzi;

  • Kneipp - track;

  • circular shower ;

  • cedar mini - sauna.

SPA- complex "The secret of Cleopatra"

The goal of treatment : adrenergic stimulation of adipocytes (fat cells) , increased lipolysis and correction of localized fat deposits by members of the algae and seaweeds askoyailliuma ; cleavage and detoxification ; stimulation of microcirculation ; restoration of salt balance ; lifting effect ; hydration of the skin due to its high content of polysaccharides , forming water framework of the dermis; lymphatic drainage effect , removal of toxins and improve skin condition.

Components of the program:

- Consultation - therapist.

- spa-bath «ORIONMED» with chromo therapy.

- seaweed wrap - thalassotherapy.

- Tea, oxygen cocktail in a recreation area.