Medical base

   The resort "Yangan-Tau" provides comprehensive medical rehabilitation, whose unique natural healing factors are combined with modern rehabilitation techniques on high-tech equipment. Health maintenance organization and evaluation of remedial actions carried out by the automatic control system "KINT: resort management." Resort is a member of the Russian Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, is certified to the international quality management system ISO - 9001 along with leading institutes of the Russian health resort. The resort "Yangan-Tau" has licensed more than 37 types of medical activities, rehabilitation treatment at the resort-7 standards spa treatments, wellness and rehabilitation programs. 


   The resort represented by a complex of 7 comfortable pavilions, steam and dry-air therapy centers, hydropathic establishment, pump-room, medical - diagnostic complex and mud therapy center with spa-center, healthy and touristic complexes, four spacious halls of dinning, bath and laundry complex, sports complex, leisure center, children's playground, chain stores, and industrial, economic infrastructure and its own structure for the implementation of management and marketing. 

                                                                         3D panorama. Steam therapy center

                                                                                                                           3D panorama. Dry-air therapy center

                                                                                                                                         3D panorama. Pump-room 

Management system of the resort "Yangan-Tau" - "KINT" 

Automation System in the resort "Yangan-Tau" "KINT: resort management " is intended for planning and accounting activities of providing health and fitness services. 

Includes modules: 

"Med service" 

"Types of Accounting" 


There are carries a spa treatment at the 7 medical standards and 23 basic core therapeutic programs, represented 37 licensed medical services, including specialized rehabilitation programs are designed for children from 4 to 16 years in the lowland balneoclimatic resort "Yangan-Tau". 

Medical Service consists of medical-diagnostic complex, steam and dry-air therapy centers, seven medical departments, pump-room, health and recreation center, mud baths and spa-center.  

Medical complex organized with the maximum use of natural therapeutic factors of the resort: thermal gas, mineral water "Kurgazak" and bioclimatic resources. 

Standard spa treatment, included in the price (18-21 days):

1. Climatotherapy2. Inspection of the attending physicianConsultations of narrow specialists 3. Diagnostic Techniques4. BalneotherapyBalneotherapy is carried out natural wet and dry gases and mineral water "Kurgazak" in dry-air or steam therapy center5. Procedure reinforcing effect of balneotherapyPhysiotherapy

Standard spa treatment included in the price health complexes (18-21 days):

1. Climatotherapy 

2. Inspection of the attending physician

Consultations of narrow specialists 

3. Diagnostic methods

4. Balneotherapy

5. Procedure reinforcing effect of balneotherapy 


Additional medical services not included in the price:Steam therapy centerDry-air therapy centerCosmetology centerMedical-diagnostic complex:Consultations of narrow specialistsGynecological cabinetUrological cabinetDiagnostic base:Biochemical researchImmunohemilyuminestsent researchClinical-diagnostic researchMicrobiological researchUltrasonic diagnosticsFunctional diagnostics X-ray diagnostics Diagnosis of osteoporosisBalneotherapy with mineral water "Kurgazak"BathsPhysiotherapyProcedures in the office of the therapist
New high-tech methods of rehabilitation treatment and diagnosis