Cosmetology center

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Cosmetology Center

There is a center of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology in the resort "Yangan-Tau", which, thanks to innovative techniques and unique equipment helps modern person to be healthy and beautiful, to feel confident regardless of age. There are a beauty parlor, a hardware cosmetology, honey therapy office, sunroom, office spa therapy room’s manicure, and pedicure and hairdressing services in the center.

The following additional services not included in the price:

. Honey massage

. Honey massage and physiotherapy mini sauna "Cedar resort"

. Wrap with honey by zones.

. Wrap with honey and body peeling

. Photo epilating

. Bio epilating with warm wax

. Micro current therapy apparatus "Miolift Galvanotermoridumat"

. Seaweed wraps "Kelp"

. Mineral bath «AQUANEA»

. Neuromuscular stimulation devices for «Climlineir», «Starvac», «Pulstar»

. Vacuum lymphatic drainage on devices «Climlineir», «Starvac», «Pulstar»

. Pressure therapy for lower limb devices «Climlineir», «Starvac», «Pulstar»

. Reducing facial and body cosmetic lines Anna Lotan ( Israel ), Casmara ( Spain ), Remy Loar ( France)

. Ultrasonic cleaning on the machine "Ultramet"

. Lifting - the program on the machine «Beautytek Premium»

. Rehabilitation treatment at a rehabilitation setting Alpha capsule «Spectra color»

. Vertical sun deck

. Abdominal decompression in the treatment of varicose disease of the lower extremities

Alpha capsule «Spectra color»                                                     Seaweed wraps
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Program bodycare cosmetics line for "Opsiderm"                                                                                Beautytek therapy