Uniqueness and healing properties of water "Kurgazak"



Uniqueness and healing properties of water «Kurgazak»

      Source " Kurgazak " is one of the most famous in the South Urals . Is 3 km south of the resort " Yangan Tau" on the left slope of the river valley Yuryuzan .   Source rising type with total output of up to 120 l / sec . Even in the coldest winter months the water temperature is 16 ± ±0,50С.  Hydrogeochemical relatively stable source mode that can be seen from thisformula:

N2Rn 5,4-6,3 М 0,5 HCO3 81-86 SO4 9-10 Cl 3- 6 Ph 6,9 Eh+90
Ca 55-58 Mg 32-41 Na 4-11

      Mineral water " Kurgazak " - calcium-magnesium bicarbonate water with a salinity of 0.4-0.7 g / l. Water is supplied from a source to a sanatorium special pipeline and used for medicinal purposes both internally and externally.

      In water, the organic substances are installed ( preferably humus ) in an amount of up to 5 mg / l. Drinking mineral water " Kurgazak " shown in renal disease (chronic pyelonephritis without exacerbation , urolithiasis ) , diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (chronic gastritis , gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer is acute , chronic cholecystitis, chronic colitis) . If ingestion causes relaxation of warm water , has analgesic effects, improves the flow of bile and promotes the excretion of inflammatory elements , small stones from the kidneys , urinary tract and gastrointestinal tract .

     When applied topically (baths, showers, swimming in the pool) water source «Kurgazak» has little relaxing and sedative effects, combined with exercise helps relieve nervous tension.


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