Geothermal vapors and gases

Thermal steam and gases

Thermal steam and gases used in the sanatorium for treatment. They are rising from the natural bowels of Yangantau Mountain and from the various depths.

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Steam baths

Hot steam gases have a temperature 42-44 0C and humidity 98-100%. Gases in their composition are oxygen-nitrogenmixture with carbon dioxide content to about 0.9-2.5% admixture of carbon monoxide and volatile hydrocarbons. They contain more than 30 kinds of active microelements (copper, zinc, iron, etc.) and organic substances (tar, phenols, organic acids, etc.).

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The main chemical composition of the natural geothermal gases of Yangantau Mountain

№ п/п Name of component Composition of gases, %
1 Oxygen 22-23
2 Nitrogen 0.6-0.8
3 Argon 0.9-1
4Carbon dioxide0.4-0.9
5Carbon monoxide0.005
6Volatile hydrocarbons0.01-0.04
7Hydrogen, inert gases0.001

Dry-air baths Hot dry gases have a temperature 45-60 0C and humidity 18-30%. Gases in their composition are oxygen-nitrogenmixture with carbon dioxide content to about 0.4-1.1% impurity oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, volatilehydrocarbons.

Steam and dry-air baths have multilateral action on the human body: pain relief, sedation, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic.Суховоздушная лечебница.jpg

Thermal steam condensate

In the resort use in medical purposes the condensate of steam-saturated gases. Thermal steam condensate is a transparent liquid fresh and odorless with a salinity of 0.1 g / l. In general the ionic composition condensate contains anions of hydrogen and cations of calcium, sodium and magnesium. The steam condensate is used in carrying out physiotherapy – electrophoresis and phonophoresis, which significantly increase the effectiveness of treating the diseases of joints. Patients take applications if they have a contraindication for any kind of thermal baths.