Resort "Yangan-Tau"

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Have you ever wondered, how generous was the nature of humanity, creating a unique sources, has an amazing healing properties? These wonderful places of the planet by heal - even in the XXI century - not in a hurry to open before the people their secrets and mysteries. Yangantau - Burning Mountain, located between the mountain ranges of the Southern Urals, in the northeast of Bashkortostan is one of such phenomena. Mountain Yangantau recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the Republic is one of the most mysterious thanks to contributions from its bowels thermal sources. April 2, 1937 the hot breath of the miraculous mountain became the basis for the formation of the eponymous resort "Yangan-Tau." Today Bashkir unique health resort is visited annually by more than thirty thousand Russians and representatives of foreign countries. Burning Mountain - heart of the Urals - bestows health and joy returns to life, making the world open.