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National pop-folk group of the resort "Yangan-Tau" is another pearl of "Burning Mountain". His concerts since 2001 not only help to people treated the body but rest. In 2011, for active creativity and high artistic level, he was awarded the title of "National collective." Art collective of resort show programs to guests of the resort, also gives concerts at Salavat area and the Republic of Bashkortostan; has represented the Bashkortostan at national and international festivals. For example, at the VIII All-Russian festival of folk dance "Ural dance" (Chelyabinsk, May, 2008 ) became the winner of II degree in the nomination "The traditional folk dance", winner of I degree in the category "Folklore Ensemble" at the International Festival of World Cultures "Altyn maidan - Tatarstan" (August, 2010), on the All-Russian Forums "Health Resort - 2007, 2009, 2010" was the title of the winner in the nomination "Best Artistic team" at the IV International Festival of Folklore and Dance (city Esentepe, Northern Cyprus) was declared the winner in the categories "Choreography" and "Best National Costume" and many other awards. A 75 -year anniversary of the resort Alexei Monkeevich and Ilgiz Ishakov were awarded of diplomas of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Repertoire of collective covers a variety of musical styles, genres and able to surprise viewers and culture lovers. Original interpretations of music offers Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan, winner of national, regional and republican competitions Alexei and Zubarzhat Monkeevich. No one leaves indifferent when Ilgiz Iskhakov winner of the international competition of world cultures "Altyn maidan" in the nomination "pop vocal" and the winner of numerous national competitions, and Vadim Hizbullin winner of TV contest "Tugan mon" in nomination "Kabatlanmas Mon" sing. Kurai player Ilgiz Zinnatullin the winner of the 1st degree of international competition "Altyn maidan" in the category "Instrumental Solo" enchants of special organic, improvisational freedom and beauty of melodies. Fuat Hayrov Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan, kontsetmeyster offers unique interpretation of music. Fuat Barvazovich is aksakal of collective: under his leadership in the 80s began operations amateur ensemble, bringing together talented singers and dancers.

Performances of vocalist Almaz Safarov, violinist Zubarzhat Gaifullina, saxophonist Ajgul Gareeva are successfull. Shagit Yakupov and Alia Altynbayeva winners of the Grand Prix of republican television competition "Baik" and Renat Ishmukhametov, Salavat Altynbaev, Regina Dilmuhametova, Vadim Badretdinov bring positive and beauty with their invisible wings to guests of the resort.

Today formed a new creative team: insturmentalny ensemble, theater group, puppetry, music studio. From the administration of the resort is all possible assistance artistic team : buy new costumes, musical instruments and equipment .

In general, events organized at a high level in the resort. Every day theatrical mass celebrations, parties and shows held in diskohall Leisure Centre, and in the summer on the summer stage on the dance floor. Alfinur Gazimova, Ilgiz Ishakov Alexei Monkeevich and Zubarzhat Monkeevich are leading of programs. Puppet shows are staging for children once a week. For fans of Latin American dance is dance studio with professional choreographers.

             National pop-folk collective of the resort "Yangan-Tau" is not on the same place: they offer music programs, original performances every year multiply. Performances of artist of the resort "Yangan-Tau" left in the memory beautiful and unforgettable impression. 

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