Equestrian complex

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   Equestrian complex located in one kilometer from the main buildings of the resort. There are horses of various breeds: Bashkir and Budennovskaya breed , Anglo-American Blood , English thoroughbred stallion - the winner of the district races , two Shetland ponies and fun children 's favorite - a mule, kept under the supervision of professional breeders in the equestrian complex. There are also a pair of camels, ostriches, pheasants and peacocks.

   Horseback riding will bring a lot of pleasant emotions. Professional, friendly instructors spend riding training: Field, trot, canter. For younger guests there is pony riding . In winter, sledding and tobogganing organized.

   Also there is a coffee shop in a relaxed atmosphere where you can drink tea or coffee, and purchase the famous kumys - fermented mare's milk product .

   On the basis of equestrian and touristic complexes created hippotherapy center (pavilion number 15), whose goal is personal and psychosocial rehabilitation, adaptation and integration of children, adolescents and young adults with disabilities through therapeutic riding and hippotherapy.

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