Walking with doctor

Walking is the most versatile and affordable way of preventing diseases of the cardiovascular system. Daily half hour walking outdoors reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in seven times, and the risk of death from them in 3 times.   

Besides, walking has a restorative effect on the body, increasing its resistance to external and internal factors contributing to the development of muscular frame and enhances human immunity.   

People accustomed themselves to daily walks, feel courage, a burst of energy, a sense of lightness, note increasing of efficiency.   

Residents of economically developed countries have taken note of this very simple form of physical activity long. After all, walking is the best way of improvement for all groups of people, without exception, regardless of age and fitness level, and easily fits into even the busiest schedule person.   

The "Walking with doctor" established itself in the world long. People from the USA, Canada, India, Australia and other countries weekly walk out with cardiologists for more than 10 years.   

The project started to develop in Russia from July 7, at the initiative of Olga Boqueria MD, professor, cardiologist, the chief researcher of the Marshall Center Bakulev.   

The most important goals of the movement "Walking with doctor" are prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system and promote the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle among the population of Russia.   

From 21 to 24 August 2013 the resort "Yangan-Tau" visited by employees of the Moscow Center for Vascular Surgery named AN Bakuleva.   

The initiator and organizer of the expedition were the administration of the resort "Yangan-Tau". Center staffs have visited to hospitals Salavat, Kiginsk, Duvan and Karaidelsk areas at the invitation of Engels Varisovich Kulmuhametov the Director of world famous resort of Bashkortostan and by the support of the academic council of the center and Leo Antonovich Bokeria the country's leading heart surgeon. So were given a unique opportunity to get free advice of highly qualified specialists for villagers.   

This project took place in the framework of "Mobile cardiologist." According to the staff of the center, the main tasks are prevention and care for people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, were successfully achieved.

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