Quality control


The quality POLICY

         The resort activities aimed at preserving and improving public health by offering a range of competitive spa services that meet quality and safety standards and facilitate the achievement of medical, social and economic performance.

The main objective of the resort is its focus on the consumer to achieve the highest possible level of satisfaction with the most efficient and more productive ways, while preserving and strengthening the well-being of consumers and society as a whole.

Implementation of the Quality Policy is mainly achieved:

- The provision of services to satisfy customer requirements and advanced through effective and professional service, a systematic research of the dynamics of needs;

- Optimizing the allocation of human, material and financial resources to meet the challenges in the field of quality;

- Creating conditions for creative and responsible attitude to work for each employee, staff training and motivation;

- Improvement of existing and introduction of new technologies such as personnel management, and maintenance of guests;

- The creation and preservation of mutually beneficial relations with all stakeholders.

Guide of the SUE resort "Yangan-Tau" RB commits to create conditions for the implementation of this Quality Policy.

Guarantees of the resort «Yangan-Tau» are a concrete commitment for the execution of which shall be resort materially and reputational liability:

1. Surveying in full accordance with medical standards.

You will be assigned and made all the necessary and sufficient diagnostic and therapeutic measures, allowing diagnose and provide quality treatment in a resort.

2. Availability of highly qualified doctors in all directions.

On admission to the resort your physician determined who prescribes a treatment according to the patient's diagnosis and coordinate treatment prescribed by other specialists of resort.

3. Creating favorable conditions for admission procedures.

We save you time, namely:

- Guarantee the possibility of obtaining all the services you need from the date of arrival in the resort (except Sundays);

- Guarantee the opportunity to take diagnostic tests, if it is necessary for diagnosis;

- Guarantee that you will not have to wait for an appointment procedure more than 10 minutes, thanks to the technology deployed electronic patient record.

4. Provide written recommendations.

After treatment, the doctor must give you written recommendations to avoid any ambiguities and errors in the subsequent treatment.

5. Providing information about used medicaments.

You are guaranteed to be fully informed about the used medicines.

6. Consideration of any appeals to the administration of resort with a guarantee of receiving a written reply.

All your suggestions, comments and opinions to be heard, no appeal will not go unanswered.

Providing of treatment meals.

The meals are organized buffer-style and a la carte on the basis of products of resort, which operates its own production cluster consisting of a dairy plant , plant for the production of sausages and meat semi- shop for the production of bakery and food products , shop for bottling mineral medical-table drinking water "Kurgazak ." For quality control in the resort operates an accredited laboratory that conducts testing to production control program of resort.