On November 25-29, Yangan-Tau Geopark hosted representatives of 14 countries and several subjects of the Russian Federation. An international seminar-meeting "Global Network of UNESCO Geoparks" took place here. During three days, representatives of geoparks, research centers and environmental ministries discussed models of development of geotourism and geoparks, shared scientific developments. The main topic of the international seminar was organization of special territories. Bashkiria's experience was of interest to experts from dozens of countries.

Alfred Akbashev, Yangan-Tau Geopark Project Manager: "The most important thing is to create the prerequisites for people who live in this area to believe, first of all, and if people believe, then capital has come there. We are talking about investments. So that people with a certain amount of capital can invest it quietly. That is, there must be certain rules. They are created all over the world. It is important that Russia also develops this direction".


Experts have no doubt that the geopark's international status will give it new opportunities and prospects. The territory where at any time of year there is something to see, do or just spend time with pleasure has already interested foreign guests.

The application for the international status of Yangon-Tau Geopark has already been approved by the UNESCO Council. This decision should be finally approved at the next meeting of the international organization in April 2020. Experts have already come to the conclusion that there is something to see even the most sophisticated tourists - those who did not know about the existence of a unique territory in the depths of the Southern Urals.

Photos from the event can be seen here: Photos of the seminar

Presentations of seminar participants can be downloaded here: Seminar presentations